The Christian Home Seminar was held from May 2nd – 6th, 2018. There were about 108 participants, including children from all over the country,
The program was designed for 3 different groups and we praise God for lovely resource people for all the three groups. The program began with a good introduction by the Bro. Billy the program director.

Sessions for singles were handled by Dr Samson Gandhi from Person to Person ministries, Hyderabad. There were about 17 participants, the sessions were well received and extensive Q&A was also handled, thanks to the app which was used to ask questions anonymously. Topics covered were: understanding the Biblical aspects and uniqueness of marriage, choosing apartner, thinking through cultural norms in the light of Scripture, life postmarriage – finance management, conflict resolution, relating with parents and in laws etc. The participants were thankful to have such rich learning.Some shared “It helped debunk certain wrong notions we previously held… Our prior reluctance to enter marriage isnow erased.”

Dr Peter David and his wife Sally handled sessions together for the couples which included re-enforcing concepts through gripping role plays. This was well-appreciated as it was both relevant and easily relatable. The couples were also given assignments to reflect on areas they needed to change. In the final session they reaffirmed their vows to each other.

Dr. Mrs. Rachel Spurgeon and Dr. Spurgeon were another family who helped in select sessions. 2 years back they were participants in Trainers’ workshop along with Dr. Mathew Jacob. “We love and long to see more of such trainings”, participants shared.

Dr. Matthew Jacob engaged the senior group in a workshopwith group activities and presentations.. One of the participants opined, “I thought I knew a lot on marriage but after going through I realized I knew very little,it was a time of unlearning and learning for me”.

One could witness participants engaging personally with the speakers and clarifying doubts in the free time also. The children were engaged through the whole period by our SU staff Johnny and Abhirami, they gave an engaging presentation on the final day. Devotions were handled by the support team and speakers stressing the need to be radically different as Christ-centered families.

It was an emotional movement when we remembered Dr. Alex from Oddanchatram whowas our resource person in 2017 Christian Home Program.

Deborah & Prabhu SD
Christian Home Program, Kotagiri; Core Team Members


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