UESI-Christian Home Seminar 2019 was held from 4th to 9th June 2019 at North India Outreach centre, Dehradun. The number of participants in each group were: Premarital- 4 individuals, Young couples- 6 families and RPDP- 2 families and one single. The first day had sessions such as worship, self-introduction, introducing the objectives of the Seminar and the Keynote address.

1-Premarital Group: The topics specific to this group were: Choice matters, Finding God’s will, Preparing for Marriage, Marriage Vows, Marriage and Finance, Marriage and Parents. The sessions being very interactive were beneficial.

2-Young Couple Group: The Topics dealt with were Biblical basis of marriage, Role of Husband and Wife, Understanding Personalities, Sexuality a gift from God, Missional Family, Communication, Love languages, Forgiveness, Handling Conflicts, Managing Finances, Balancing Family, Work and Ministry, Mentoring Families, Intimacy in Marriage, Open Home, Parents, in–laws and others, Parenting, Praying for families and CH Cell–Open homes at core cities. These sessions helped participants think through a variety of topics to help them build Godly families.

3-Resource Persons Development Program (RPDP) group from 7-9 June 2019: The delegates of this group attended the following sessions with the Young couple group – Biblical basis of marriage, Understanding Personalities, Open Home, Communication, Parenting and Mentoring Families. Apart from these, Role of a Resource person and Preparation, was dealt with. The delegates selected a few topics for workshop sessions and presented them in the group followed by discussions for better presentation.

The participants suggested a longer duration of the programme.

The morning devotions based on families, were common for all the groups. Two movies were screened to bring forth different values that need to be inculcated in Christian families. On the 6th June, the delegates of the first and the second groups went to Mussorrie for a picnic and had a wonderful time together. There was a common time of sharing and prayer on the last day. The seminar concluded with a final challenge and a prayer of dedication.

The lively presentation of the resource personnel were much appreciated. All Glory be to God alone.

Stilla Spencer, Dun-CHS19 Coordinator
NEGF-CH Cell Staff


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