Bihar SPEC Orientation


A two-day Orientation program for Bihar SPEC (State Planning and Evaluation Cell) was conducted at Seva Kender, Kurji, Patna on 6th and 7th Oct. 2018. Around 15 people participated in the program, mainly State SPEC members and Regional /local committee members. Bro Selvadurai, Secretary for Planning and Evaluation Cell, National UESI was the resource person for the program. The program started with a unique self-introduction by each participant indicating about the “X-factor” in their life along with the name and other details. Biblical basis of Planning was laid by bro Selvadurai, highlighting from both the OT and NT that Planning and Strategy were very much visible from the Creation of Man, in the book of Genesis itself.

SWOT analysis of Bihar EGF ministry was also done, by all the participants. Bro Selvadurai emphasized that for effective functioning one has to capitalize on the Strengths, address Weaknesses, take full advantage of Opportunities, and minimize the impact of Threats. The most interesting part of the program was many of the principles of planning and leadership were introduced by way of various interesting and thought-provoking games. Everybody participated in the 2-day program with a lot of eagerness and an attitude of learning.

We hope the lessons and principles learned in the program will help the Bihar SPEC and the state leadership in giving direction to the Bihar EGF ministry. This will also enable the state EGF ministry to grow in all aspects with proper planning and Evaluation and thus gearing up for decentralization within a few years’ time.

– Thomas Antony. T, Chairperson, Bihar SPEC


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