Beyond Labels


“BEYOND LABELS “, a camp for church going students was organized by Triplicane ICEU in Students Resource Centre, Tambaram from 13th to 15th August 2017. The camp began with a cricket match for the boys and shuttle for the girls. The sessions started with a meaningful singing time followed by Ice breakers. DSP Raja Anna gave an introductory talk on “Who we are and what’s our aim for life”. We learnt that we are GST “God’s Special Treasure”.

The second day started with a time of Bible reading and Bible exposition on Luke: 19:1-10. Titus Anna covered the topic “Who, me a Christian?” through Zacchaeus’ life. We thoroughly enjoyed the group activities and learnt key lessons for our walk with God.
Anita Akka taught us Quiet Time through DISCOVER method and we practised the same in groups. In the afternoon session on “Procrastination – not now?” we understood the need to accept Christ without neglecting Him.

Evening devotion by Raja Anna “Connect with God “through the life of the rich young ruler, inspired us to commit ourselves to God. We celebrated the night through songs and special dinner. The Barbecue night at the open terrace was one of the most treasured moments of the camp as we had good food and fellowship under the stars and fairy lights. At the end of the night we were asked to enact in groups the theme of the camp “Beyond Labels”.
We began the final day with a meaningful quiet time, followed by a wonderful worship time. The session by Titus Anna on “Who am I?” helped every camper understand who as a child of God, living according to the Word of God one can accomplish the Will of God. Naveen, a student leader & Madhan Anna introduced UESI followed by an interesting conversation. The camp ended with a challenging closing talk “What now?” by Raja Anna. We had a wonderful time with new friends, new experience and memories. We enjoyed God’s grace and provisions throughout the camp, as Hudson Taylor said “God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply”

Clarizah Soruban, I B.Com. WCC, Triplicane ICEU, Chennai


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