With so many ups and downs…Lads and gals from every town!
Before I left for CMTC, I was told by one of my EU seniors “be prepared to learn from each and everyone and God will teach you.” We were a group of 40 students, strangers united only by the blood of Christ Jesus from different parts of the country and from different cultures.
CMTC, to me was a great camp wherein God taught me what I needed to know as a student willing to work for God. Many of us came to CMTC truly seeking God’s purpose for us in our lives. I’m sure that God has given us directions to follow.

We learnt from every session, quiet time, team activity and conversation! Over the course of two weeks we were transformed and equipped. This camp grounded us firmly in the scriptural doctrine, taught us to love and serve one another, to own the UESI ministry and to turn our campuses upside down. The challenge to search the Scriptures came alive to us in every session. God spoke to us clearly through our relationships with every delegate and mentors. We learnt to study the Bible in a simple and effective way and to lead others to Christ and even to look at social issues from a biblical perspective free from cultural biases.

Listen to what our friends said:

“I never thought I’ll spend so many days in a camp doing things like I did, and I’m happy that it was very productive” – Joel Christian
“Akka what do I say, I learnt a lot!” – Praveen J
“Initially it wasn’t that interesting, but as days went by I knew why God brought me here” – Joel Parayil
“I had something to learn from each of you” – Sahaja
“I’ve decided that I will not waste any moment in the remaining two years of my college life and to keep myself from distractions so I can fully live for God!” – Stephen
“If we keep the decisions taken at CMTC in our life, then we’ll be able to manage our entire life” – Jennitha

We are sure that God brought us together for a greater purpose and vision and has spoken to each one of us powerfully. Truly, we have all undergone a metamorphosis and we will never be the same again. We hope to keep Jesus as our model and the Bible as our basis always. Our God, who brought us thus far, will help us carry on.

Emy Florence W, Vepery ICEU, Chennai &
Joshua Peter Ebenezer, IIT, Kharagpur EU, West Bengal


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