We praise God for the great works He has been doing in the lives of many students and graduates in Bareilly Region. This year we had Family Conference as scheduled for alternate years, from 28th to 30th October at Sundar Bhawan, Bareilly. The Conference was coordinated by Mrs. Rebecca Prasad and Mr. Jaswant Prasad.
Eight families (18 graduates and 1 staff family) and three senior students attended. We spent quality time and were enriched by the teaching sessions and devotions. We also enjoyed the games and learnt a lot in practical talks. Dr. Bonik Brahma from Moradabad EGF led us in the evening devotions; Mr. Ebenezer Julius from Greater Noida EGF taught us about “Role of graduates in UESI Ministry”, Mrs. Asvathi Ebenezer enlightened us about “The Pioneering Ministry” and Dr. Rajesh Agarwal did the Bible Exposition. We got to know each other better by group discussions and 2-by-2 activities.
I testify that the Lord was faithful to meet every need in marvellous ways and with surplus in the end.
Rebecca Prasad &Jaswant Prasad, Conference Coordinators


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