Assam State EGF Decentralisation Consultation


Assam State EGF Decentralization Consultative Conference was held on 16th &17th February 2019 at ‘Jirsong Asong’ in Diphu, Karbi Anglong. The program was organized by the National UESI in consultation with the Assam State EGF Committee. This was arranged to check the preparedness pertaining to the Decentralization processes of Assam. Task Group team consisting of Bro. J. Selvadurai, Bro. Manimaran, Bro.Ivan, Bro.Nehemiah and Bro. Lanu attended. Bro. Sathish Simon (FDD Secretary) and Bro. Mohan Suresh, Staff Worker from West Bengal also attended. The State leaders from the neighbouring decentralized states added colour to the programme. Papers on the history of UESI ministry in Assam, Decentralization Policy and Report from the state EGF Committee were presented. Sessions on Governance, ZCT, SWOT analysis of the State ministry, lively discussions on Decentralization etc., were the highlights of the Consultative Conference. Reports from the State EGF Committee have helped the task group along with the delegates to evaluate the status of Assam State ministry. The conference concluded with a bright hope in the heart of the delegates that Assam will be decentralized. Approximately 77 delegates (Students, Graduates, Staff, from different Regions of Assam) witnessed the Consultative Conference.

Dr Michael Baghwar, Secretary, Assam State EGF Committee.


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