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Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh Joint Conference 2018

The two brothers-MP & CG met together during Zonal Conference after 12 years of the gap- The Joy of reunion, celebration of God’s faithfulness. The North Central Zonal Conference held from 7-10 of Nov’18 at Bhopal- the lake city. And the theme is ‘We Ambassadors of Christ’ II Cor 5:20

Speakers: Bro. Sony Abraham gave inspiring expositions from the life of John the Baptist and Bro. Valentine Davidar gave thematic devotions, which touched our hearts. Bro. Julius, from Bangalore took plenary sessions on mentoring which was a great motivation and gave practical tips to develop servant leaders and also 7th exposition on the theme IICor5:Bro. Rajesh Kshirsagar, the north Central Zonal secretary gave key note address. Bro. Jacob and Shirly from Delhi, the CEF staff took the sessions for Children. Bro. Babu took the session on history and vision of UESI which helped us to see back of the sweet memories and go forward. Bro Jean and sis Rasmi from Bhopal were the translators.

Organising Committee: Bro. Joseph Thomas, the former president of MPEGF, was the director, and Bro Babu Cherian, the president of Chhattisgarh EGF, Bro. Binu Jacob, president of UESI-MP is the coordinator. Bro Anil Elisal is the treasurer and Bro. Sajan, the president of Bhopal EGF is the local committee chairperson, from Bhopal, Bro. Janga Yesobu, SS of MP and Bro Amos, SSIC of CG and Bro Rajesh Kshirsagar. The hard work of the Bhopal young graduates is very much appreciated

Field survey: We had a blessed time of praying and sharing of the field- Seven Regions of the MP and 5 regions of the CG along with two state presentations. It was well organised as each presentation began with 90 seconds of video and praise and prayer items with the maps.

Delegates: The total participation was 219 (Graduates125, Students 61, Children 33) in which 170 from MP and 44 from CG, 5 staff families from MP, 2 from CG and speakers 5) which covered 16 districts of MP out 52 and 8 districts of CG out of 27.

Thank God, the conference ended with a surplus. All the graduates felt blessed, listened to God and recommitted to go as ‘Ambassadors for Christ’, Praise the Lord.

Janga Yesobu, State Secretary UESI-MP


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