AGMs- Marking Milestones of God’s Faithfulness


“Let this be written for a future generation that a people NOT yet created may praise the LORD” Psalms 102:18
Beloved Brothers & Sisters,
Greetings . . .
It is the season of State AGMs / State Council meetings in UESI. I was privileged to attend some of the states.
Sitting as one of the back-benchers in UESI- MH AGM, viewing over 140 people ahead, my thoughts went back to the first few AGMs that I attended. 1987 as a student from Quilon ICEU to the UESI KL AGM (then State Central Committee and 1991 first time as a graduate – as a young graduate from Mumbai EGF at the in Maharashtra State EGF AGM at Pune.
MH AGM in 1991- Though it was just about 10-15 people. How can this collection of people be called as STATE AGM (of state with 36 districts?). Yet it was state AGM, and our elders chalked out big plans in the black board looking at the huge Maharashtra Map.
Year on year, God added people! Now with students and graduates at AGM from all 9 regions of Maharashtra, I couldn’t stop praising God … Did our pioneers who planned the activities foresee this when they prayed, – sowing seeds with tears!!
I was reminded of the verse in Psalms 102:18 “Let this be written for a future generation that a people NOT yet created may praise the LORD” For even while they couldn’t see physically the ministry progress they prayed for, now a generation that was not even born then, is now praising God as an answer to the prayers of our pioneers. What a faithful God we serve, who do not despise the day of small beginnings, who do not overlook the prayers and sacrifices of His people. So, for the matters we pray for, plan and strategize, let us add Psalms 102:18 as a foot note in our minutes, for He who called us IS faithful and He will do it for His glory.
In most of our pioneering states, the AGMs are with very less number of people to attend, yet let us praise God that He hears all that we struggle with, strategize, dream and work out. He is a faithful God who honor these all.
As our AGMs mark the faithfulness of God’s faithfulness as it unfolds.
As we enter Jun 2018 to end the first quarter of this financial year, we seek your earnest prayers for the following
Budget 2017-18: Our provisional budget for the year 2017-18 as approved by the board calls for 5.5 Cr at the National. This calls for 46 Lacs per month, an increase of 18% from the last year’s. PLEASE PRAY AND PARTICIPATE, as we would require 85L to close the quarter without shortfalls.

Audits and Compliances requirements of the financial year 2016-17. Seek support from all units to submit the accounts statements with supporting vouchers to their states and States to submit the audited statements to national for onward integration with the national accounts. Please pray for the process.

Preparations for the National AGM scheduled in Trivandrum, Kerala from Friday, 7th July to Sunday 10th July. Pray that we will have a blessed gathering with participation from all 30 states of the country.

All ICEUs and EGFs across the country to operate with a budget for ministry at Local, State and National.

tSeeking your earnest prayers for the year end activities,
In Christ, In His Mission,
Reji K Daniel,


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