AGM – What is this? When is this? How is this? Who can attend?


One of the senior aunts was overwhelmed by the thrilling presence of students (74), graduates (66) and staff (60) – 200 in all – during UESI AGM 2014 (Kotagiri). A few seniors told that this was the first time students outnumbered graduates. AGM is a time of fellowship where we foster relationships and invest time to care, share and bear with one another in unity. After attending UESI AGM 2015 (Ranchi), a young graduate told me that he got the vision to go as a tent maker in a pioneering state in North India. AGM is a vision building exercise to create the right passion among our members to catch up with the mission, God has mandated to UESI. In UESI AGM 2016 (Nagpur), a student wrote that this looks like a ‘Praise & Prayer Conference’. Truly it is a joyous occasion to look back and praise God for His continual faithfulness in various spectrums of our ministry. Further, it is a time to realize the happenings, the needs, the way forward in UESI ministry and plead to God for divine intervention.
In ‘UESI In Touch’ last month, our focus was on the three dimensions of UESI (a movement,
a fellowship and an organisation). In this issue of UIT, we shall focus on the highest decision making body of UESI, the Annual General Body Meeting (fondly called as UESI AGM).
Memorandum of Association (MOA) of UESI, commonly known as UESI Constitution, was registered on 13.02.1964 under the Society Registration Act (XXI) of 1860. We are eternally grateful to God for our revered forefathers Prof. H. Enoch, Rev. P.T. Chandapilla, Bro. C.T. Rajaratnam, Bro. D.J. Richard, Dr. T.N. Sterrett and Bro. P. Sathkeerthi Rao and our beloved foremother Dr (Miss) Indira Perry, who were instrumental in framing the constitution. According to the Societies Registration Act and bye laws of constitution, UESI AGM is mandatory meeting to fulfil the legal requirements of the country, hence it is a formal forum and a legal entity. Remember Jesus said, ‘Render unto Caesar …’
As per Clause XII of the Constitution, UESI AGM members are classified into two categories viz., ‘members with voting powers’ and ‘members without voting powers’. In this, ‘Society members of UESI’ and ‘Elected & Co-opted members of UESI (excluding Staff)’ are the members with voting powers. ‘Ex-Officio members’, ‘Invitees’ and ‘Special Invitees’ {Clause XII (B)} are the members without voting powers. Confused?!? I could guess, but hold on!! We are now going to see them in detail.
Until July 2013, membership in UESI Constitution was confined to only affiliated units such as EUs, ICEUs and EGFs. These were known as constituent members. Any student nominated by an affiliated EU/ICEU and graduate nominated by an affiliated EGF may attend AGM as a voting member. An historic decision was taken in UESI AGM 2013 (confirmed in UESI AGM 2014) to revise the membership clause. As per the revised Constitution, following are the society members of UESI:
1) Student members: Every President of an affiliated EU/ICEU is a society member of UESI. At present, we have 325 affiliated EUs/ICEUs. Hence, 325 student leaders are UESI Society members.
2)Graduate members: Each state can nominate graduate Society members. But there is a limit. A state can nominate either ‘six EGF members’ or ‘EGF members equal to one-third of the number of EU/ICEU Presidents available in that state’, whichever is higher. This is basically to protect the student initiative and leadership at UESI AGM level.
3)Other members: In addition, AGM only has powers to nominate individuals as members of Society.

Seven Student members (one per zone) and six graduate members (including UESI President, UESI Board Secretary and UESI Treasurer) are elected by UESI AGM as UESI Board members. Presidents of Decentralized States (at present 14) are co-opted to UESI Board. They are all also members of AGM.
a)UESI General Secretary; Chairpersons & Secretaries (Staff) of all Departments, Cells & Task-groups; and State Secretaries of Decentralized States can attend AGM as Ex-Officio members.
b)Zonal Secretaries from Seven Zones of UESI; two staff representatives in UESI Board; and State EGF Presidents & State Staff incharge of non-decentralized states can attend AGM as Invitees.
c)Chairperson & Staff incharge for UESI Publication Trust can attend AGM as invitees.
d)An IFES International Executive Committee member, from India, can attend AGM as an invitee.
e)One rep. each from our Associates viz., EMFI, ENFI, ETFI and EPFI can attend AGM as invitees.
f)If an EU/ICEU President is unable to attend UESI AGM, then s/he can nominate another student from the same EU/ICEU, who will be considered as an Invitee of AGM, not a voting member.
g)To accommodate students from non-affiliated/contact centres, every state can nominate three student members who can attend AGM as invitees.
h)Over and above, we have a few guests as special invitees – IFES Regional Secretary,
UESI Vice-Presidents, former UESI Board’s Office bearers and former UESI General Secretaries.
NB: UESI as a fellowship does not discriminate the participants in any AGM in the above lines. Nor do we discourage participation. Concerns of all AGM members are given due consideration. UESI as a movement has an excellent track record of never resorting to voting (to our distant memory) in an AGM.
WHAT ARE THE FUNCTIONS OF UESI AGM? (ref. Clause XII (C) of Constitution)
1)Upholding the constitution of UESI including approval of amendments to MOA and dissolution.
2)Ensuring that the aims, doctrinal basis, policies, vision and ethos of the movement are adhered.
3)Approving affiliation of EUs and ICEUs from all the states based on the recommendation of UESI Board. UESI AGM is the only statutory body which has powers to affiliate and disaffiliate units.
4)Granting decentralization status to zones/states based on the recommendation of UESI Board.
5)Ratification of the selected Society members every year.
6)Selection of UESI Board members, both Officers of Society and Co-opted Board members.
7)Selection of honorary Vice-Presidents.
8)Formulation and implementation of the (seven) policies of UESI {Student Initiative Policy, Finance Policy, Church Relations Policy, Networking and Partnership Policy, Decentralization Policy, Staff Policy and Graduates Policy – these are all approved in earlier AGMs; any changes to these basic policies requires prior approval of AGM}.
9)Appointment of auditor and fixing remuneration for the auditor.
10)Approving of account statements, financial statements, capital expenditure and budgets of UESI.
11)Ratifying important decisions of UESI Board with regard to planning and development.
12)Reviewing of the ministry of UESI.
HOW UESI AGM IS SCHEDULED? (ref. Clause XIII of Constitution)
1)AGM has to be conducted within 6 months from the closure of fi nancial year i.e., before September.
2) AGM has to meet at least once in a year at the call of UESI Board. Notice of the General Body meeting
of the Society shall be given in writing to all members at least 45 days in advance.
3) For emergency reasons, UESI Board can call for an AGM. Notice for such meetings shall be given to all
members in writing, giving the agenda points in detail at least 21 days in advance.
4) Quorum for AGM meeting shall be one third of the members then on the roll [per clause XI (A) of
MOA]and no business shall be transacted unless a quorum is present.
5) If no quorum is present within two hours from the appointed time, AGM is adjourned for two hours at
the same place. Such adjourned meeting shall not be dissolved even in the absence of quorum.
6) Place of AGM will be decided by UESI Board.
UESI AGM is organized for three days during the second week of July. On the fi rst day (Friday), focus
is on UESI Ministry. Reports from National Students Cell, Field (from seven zonal secretaries) and
Departments are reviewed. These reports highlight objectives, programmes, key result areas planned and completion status in the previous financial year; objectives, programmes and key result areas planned
in the current fi nancial year; Vision 2020 progress. This is called as MINISTRY REVIEW SESSION.
UESI BUSINESS SESSION is organized on the second day (Saturday). Previous AGM minutes and action
taken reports are fi rst read, followed by reports of UESI Board Secretary, UESI General Secretary, UESI
Treasurer, Audited Statement of Accounts of the previous fi nancial year. In addition, affi liations of
EUs/ICEUs, approvals for Annual Plans, budget for the current fi nancial year and selection of new UESI Board
members are accomplished. Once in two years, post dinner, Students’ and Graduates’ meet separately as
STUDENTS COUNCIL and NEGF COUNCIL. In addition, UESI Diamonds and a few graduates who had done
exemplary work as salt and light in our country are felicitated.
On the final day (Sunday), key events include consolidation of resolutions; dedication of UESI Board
members; dedication of newly appointed UESI staff ;felicitation of Staff who have completed fi fteen years
of service; felicitation of staff who are retiring from UESI; and finalization of dates and venue for next AGM.
UESI AGM culminates in the Holy Communion service as a mark of true dedication of members to God and to
the noble cause of this mammoth organization.

It is my joy to announce the schedule and venue of next AGM. God willing, UESI AGM 2017 will be conducted at MAR IVANIOS COLLEGE, Bethany Hills, Nalanchira P.O.,
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM (TRIVANDRUM), KERALA from 9 am on 7th July, 2017 (Friday) to 2 pm on 9th July,
2017 (Sunday). Please pray, plan & participate in this historic AGM where next UESI General
Secretary (assuming responsibility on 1.1.18) will be dedicated and farewell will be given to out-going
GS (relinquishing on 31.12.17). This is the fi rst time UESI-Kerala is hosting an UESI National event of this
magnitude!!! Since the window for booking train tickets opens shortly, you may book your train tickets
(cheap and best) with Indian Railways (symbol of national integration) well in advance to avoid last
minute rush. C U in God’s own country!!!
Clement Barnabas A, UESI Board Secretary


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