Advanced Homiletics Workshop – 2019


“I preached as never sure to preach again, and as a dying man to dying men.” – Richard Baxter

Join us in praising our Almighty Lord for the Advanced Level Workshop on Homiletics. Homiletics is the art of expository preaching. UESI Training Department organized this event from 12 to 16 January, 2019 at Mumbai. 20 participants from across the country participated: senior as well as young graduates and staff, both men and women, and were blessed.

Dr. Paul Windsor (International Director, Langham Preaching, UK and faculty for Homiletics, SAIACS, Bangalore) conducted this workshop over a span of 12 sessions in 5 days. “Interspersed with exercises, it became an experiential learning workshop. The facilitator’s mastery over the Scriptures and the subject made the journey even more exciting” says David Dean.

Dr Paul stressed on the importance of painting a picture in the minds of the listeners to etch the message onto their hearts. He also taught us how to let expository preaching from the Bible bring a shift in people’s worldviews while addressing the roots of the issues in society. “Dr Paul Windsor gave us a magnifying glass for expounding the Scriptures, taught us to lead people from the Written Word to the Living Word, to speak from any passage in the light of the central message of the Bible, to design the structure of the message for clarity in understanding and the importance of both the backstage as well as the destination” says Preeti Khristmukti. It was so thoughtfully conducted that even experienced preachers agreed to have learnt so much in those few days. Jim Reeves, a staff worker shares, “I learnt much more in 5 days than in an entire semester on Homiletics at the seminary.”

This equipping, by God’s grace, has given us a strong sense of motivation and confidence in passionately studying and responsibly handling God’s Word particularly at the pulpit. A senior graduate from Pune, Dr R. D. Joseph shares: “To improve his preaching, I was searching for such a workshop, and was ready to go abroad when I read about Langham Preaching on the internet. But God granted my heart’s desire here in India itself, and I feel so privileged, I will use this training in all my preaching.”

Dr Paul’s humility, passion and patience in singlehandedly conducting this workshop was appreciated by everyone. For those who missed this workshop, the book Dr Paul recommended ‘The Heart is the Target’ by Murray Capill – will be worth a read!

Reshmi Varghese, Mumbai EGF.


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