It is indeed a great joy for me to greet you through this letter that I am writing during the UESI PRAYER FORTNIGHT bridging our formation day on 18 September to the National Prayer Day on 2nd October. At the outset may I record my sincere appreciations to my immediate predecessor, Dr. Joseph John who has led the movement as UESI President from 2011-12 to 2015-16 in a very effective manner. God has blessed the community through his dedicated services. Let us praise God for him and his family.

My heart is filled with deep gratitude for the enormous efforts made by my predecessors who served in the UESI Boards to adopt amended constitution, drafting UESI Operations Handbook (inner workings) and model framework for decentralized states for uniformity, bringing reformation in staff appointment, salary, and welfare schemes. They have laid the foundation for future growth of UESI as a national body. In this back drop, the current board has the urgent responsibility to finalize the UESI operations handbook and model framework for decentralization through consultative meetings so as to arrive at a consensus conducive for a federal structure like UESI, framing a new HR policy for staff and achieving the goals of VISION 2020 and beyond. At the same time, we need to revisit our financial provisions so that our staff can get support which is in conformity with the price rise, inflation and growing cost of living. These can be possible if all of us pray on our knees continuously and seek God’s enabling power to expand our support bases, and also taking personal vows not to withhold any benefit/support which the Spirit of God expects us to offer to UESI. To this end I humbly beseech all Graduates (young and old) and students to come forward to own the ministry as your own self and work hand in hand to take the UESI ministry to newer heights for the glory of God’s Kingdom.

This year, in our 63rd year as a movement, let us pray for a few specific outcomes.

    • 50 ICEU AFFILIATIONS: – Let us pray that God will bless the movement with more students reached out this year. And for the sustainable progress of the work, let us pray that the work in each state will progress, resulting in more ICEUs, mission communities of students to engage newer areas and campuses. Even if each state focuses on two new ICEU affiliations this year, we can overshoot this prayer target. Let us maintain quality and pray for a minimum 50. As national board has decided to focus on BIHAR, PUNJAB & HARIYANA, let us pray for ICEU affiliations from these states too.
    • 100 TENT MAKERS from Decentralized States to Pioneering States: Praise God that we have 14 states decentralized. Let us pray that we will continue sending missionaries to each non-decentralized state. Pray that each of the decentralized states send out 7 Tent Makers (4 grads and 3 missionary students), so that we can help the pioneering areas.
    • 30 SHORT TERM WORKERS to Pioneering States: As more and more colleges and universities are getting established, penetrating the country, we need to pray for more workers, especially in the pioneering areas. Pray that we will have young graduates willing to work for one or two years as short term staff.
    • 14 NEW STAFF: As the movement is growing, pray for more Staff. From decentralized states or from pioneering areas, let us pray for more staff to join the movement.

The fields are ripe unto harvest. So let us ask the Lord of harvest to choose more workers from among us – as tentmakers, short termers and as UESI Staff for the furtherance of His Kingdom. Our Zonal Secretaries will work with the State leaderships to facilitate the above.

As a movement, we have several challenges to address as we move forward, increasing needs for finances in particular. It is now 45 Lacs per month that is required for the ministry at National. The ministry at State levels too are growing. Let us pray that God will sustain this growth pace with a growth in giving too across the country.

Finally, I bring greetings to you from the National Board. As a core team, Dr. Arul Manohar, Brother Clement Barnabas, Brother Reji Daniel and I meet on a weekly basis, JUST TO PRAY for each other and the ministry at large. May I request all the UESI STEWARDS, serving in various roles at Zones, State, Districts and Local to practice this weekly time of intense prayer.

With Love, Regards and Prayers,
Yours in His Vineyard,
Dr. Himadri Sinha
President, UESI