GS Speaks – Heart talk

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden, neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven” Mt 5: 14-16

Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

It is noteworthy that among the Nobel Prize winners of 2019 are Prof John Goodenough (97 yr.) for his work on the Lithium Ion Batteries, that fuels clean transportation, and Mr Abiy Ahmed Ali (47 yr.) for his efforts in peace with his neighbour country Eritrea and, both professing followers of Christ.

Lithium-ion batteries — a technology that ushered in a revolution in energy storage. The Noble chemistry committees said

“The evolution of the kind of lightweight, rechargeable batteries that power today’s mobile phones and other portable electronic devices and also transportation – making it “possible a fossil fuel-free society”,

This year’s award is a truly interdisciplinary effort. “It involved many branches of chemistry [and]it’s also connected to physics and engineering,”

It’s a very good example of when all these disciplines can come together and. . . lead to a dramatically high-impact product.

John’s B Goodenough’s journey in Physics, Chemistry and Engineering has given hope to millions of people. In his response of achieving Nobel award he said “Inventions are morally neutral and also said it doesn’t matter- it’s like wood and hay and stubble.” (Alluding I Cor 3:12). “I am very grateful that I had that honour, it’s splendid,” Goodenough, who was in London to receive a separate prize, told Nature later in the day. “But I am the same person I was before.” In a similar way, the young Abiy Ahmed’s work in freeing prisoners and negotiating peace with their neighbouring country Eritrea was a phenomenal achievement. In a world where hundreds are pushed out of their own lands, migrant crisis and border wars are worse than ever before, what Abiy Ahmed has done is phenomenal.

Incidentally, this is the 2nd consecutive year, the Noble Prize for Peace is getting awarded to a Disciple of Christ, as last year it was Dr Denis Mukwege of Congo (DRC) an IFES graduate received Nobel Prize for Peace 2018. These are examples of how our work can become an offering in glorifying God in line with the expectation of our Lord stated in Mathew 5: 15. In a world where fossil fuel is polluting and suffocating the world, a man of God focusing for a clean air alternative, who wants to be a steward of His Creation, – isn’t it a Joy to the World? Let us praise God for Prof Goodenough and God’s amazing work in and through him in the field of Physics and Chemistry. And also ‘Joy to the World’ through another disciple of Christ in bringing Peace between boundaries of the war-shattered world.

Let us encourage our students & graduates, to take our disciplines (fields of studies) seriously because they are also God’s own fields- it may be Physics, Chemistry, Economics or Commerce, and bring honour to God through His wisdom flowing through us as answers to the struggles of our times. UESI’s 3rd aim talks about raising a testimony to the truths of the historic Christian faith and present its message for the whole of life and the problems of mankind. Let us integrate our studies/career with our faith life, and thereby grasp God’s concern to give solutions to the problems of mankind thus brining joy to the world, sounding the message of Christ. Yes, it is by Him, and through Him and For Him that everything is created and redeemed as we see in Col 1:15-20.

Can we engage our Students/Graduates to discuss on
• Why researches on Planet Sustainability are important in & through our fields of studies /work?
• What does it mean when Prof Goodenough said “inventions are morally neutral”?
• What could be the reason that Prof Goodenough at his age of 97, after a fruitful career, said “It doesn’t matter: – it’s all like wood, hay and stubble” (alluding I Cor 3: 12?)

Let us pray for the Christmas programmes wherein our graduates & students will be engaged during this month. Pray that students & and friends of graduates at work places too will receive the gospel, accept Jesus as their Saviour and Lord during this Christmas season. Let us be on our knees for the sharing of Good news that would happen through one-to-one conversations, small group Christmas meetings & also the college level Christmas programmes.

Wish you all a Happy Christmas and A Joyful New Year 2020

Saji Easo,
UESI General Secretary