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UESI Core Values – The core that produced fruitfulness

Dear brothers and sisters
I am happy to write this page during my travels and also celebrate the beautiful season of prayer- the UESI Prayer Fortnight. What a joy to know that thousands of students and graduates are praying daily on the same theme day after day during the UESI Prayer Fortnight. We look forward to the national Prayer Day 2nd October for prayer gatherings across the country. During such a season as this, I am glad to write to you about the 7th Pledge Point of our UESI DJ Pledge “That we will remain faithful to our core values -Centrality of the word of God, Fellowship, Personal care, Student initiative, Life of faith and prayer, Moral purity, Financial integrity, Shared leadership, and Responsibility to society, in all that we are called to be engaged in. 

Core values can’t be taught- They can only be caught! It is the Core values of a movement that direct the fulfilment of its Vision, Mission and Aims. The UESI Core values were written from an observer’s point of view, observing the value system and life style of our founders and pioneers. They had these substance as the core of their lives, like roots of a tree that produced the fruit in their ministry. Therefore it is important for us to discuss and rectify ourselves for fruitfulness in our times. Let us ask one simple question against each of our core values for our introspection.

1. Centrality of the word of God
   Am I able to have my Quiet Time daily & enjoy hearing his word?
       Am I conditioning my life’s decisions based on inputs from God’s word at the centre of the decision?

2. Fellowship
How intimate is my friendship and fellowship with my EU and EGF groups?

3. Personal Care
     Whether my open home/room that cared and mentored students and graduates is closing down?

4. Student initiative
Do I trust and equip students to engage their campuses as leaders and trendsetters for God’s glory?

5. Life of faith and prayer
       How is my faith life?
       Whether I live by faith or by sight?.
       Am I growing in faith?
       Am I able to find the areas where there is lack of faith in my life
       How much time do I pray for what I envisage in faith for the glory of God?
       Am I able to fast and pray?

6. Life of moral purity
   How pleasant and pure are my relationships with one another- morally pure as servants?

7. Financial Integrity
     How are my spending habits? Are they conditioned by Biblical foundations?

8. Shared leadership
 How is my love, unity and mutual dependency with others as leaders?

9. Responsible to society
Am I concerned, praying for and preparing myself as a disciples of Jesus to serve the Church and Society?

I request each student/graduate/staff readers of this note to ask ourselves sharper questions to correct ourselves to the Core Values and thereby pursue to be a group of people whom the Lord loves to work with.

Last month I had an opportunity to meet leaders of different organization in one of the IMA meetings, It was a great joy to know that many of the leaders in our country were involved with UESI during their student days and they all have great expectations (and prayers) that UESI will continue to produce more student leaders for our country in all areas of discipline, especially leaders with spiritual substance- core values.
Let’s all pray that UESI national mission conference (18-21 Oct) at Jaipur will be an opportunity for the students/graduate to know the heartbeat of God. Also, please do encourage young graduates from your state/region to attend the National Graduates Conference in Dimapur (27-29th Dec 2018).
Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen. Eph. 3:20-21

Saji Easo
UESI, General Secretary