GS Speaks – Heart talk

Peace within us Leads to Peace around Us

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus.

It’s time for us to fast and pray because of various alarming situations around us. Many states that share borders with neighbouring countries have been alerted. Internationally too, despite all the big pronouncements of “Peace, Peace” in big headlines, several, if not all nations are now reeling under border security and peace issues. Between several nations, there are constant attacks against each other and loss of precious lives. In the wake of the recent attacks waging between our neighbours and us, we need to stay alert in prayer, that the Prince of peace, our Lord Jesus Christ will breathe peace within us and also through us to our neighbours.

Last week our President awarded the Gandhi Peace Prize 2018 at the Rashtrapati Bhavan in presence of our Prime Minister and an august assembly. It is a prestigious award our country has constituted to promote “Peace” and Non Violence that the father of our nation Gandhiji was known for (obviously influenced by the Sermon on the Mount in particular).

Can peace and non-violence work even today? When wars are waging all around? Even among evangelical Christians there may be differences of views on this. What does the Bible say on this? In 1980s, one of the major issues was the growing unrest in Africa on Apartheid, the system that discriminated people on the grounds of race. Not just that, millions were living without the right of equality, but also many people were dying due to its effects and violence that followed. Archbishop Desmond Tutu, as a man of God, with a sense of inner calling for peace, inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ, decided to work against it in Christ-like ways of non-violence and efforts for reconciliation. He initiated the commission for peace and reconciliation and that gained momentum in the resolution of the age-old issue, with the release of Nelson Mandela and the political changes that followed. This man of God, I heard, had a practice of spending two hours every day of his work-life in prayer, personally and with other believers. Probably this never appeared as news headlines. Connecting to the Prince of peace he cried for peace and God in His mercy, forgiving the sins of the countrymen and the nations, sent PEACE, beyond all human understanding. We can’t imagine a resolution of this issue without God’s healing to the nations of Africa otherwise. Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu was awarded the Gandhi Peace Prize 2005 by India. What a beautiful thing! In fact, the Gandhi Peace Prize 2004 was awarded to Coretta Scott King (wife of Martin Luther King Jr).Even the works of the Baptist Minister Martin Luther King Jr and his wife Coretta Scott King were significant in their nations and in the world at large. What an amazing testimony of God’s people! A close look at their lives would show that their methods were different. They had a deep conviction that Biblical ways will work and they resorted to prayers and a life of faith. It is good to hear their messages which are available on You Tube. As the world is at cross roads on peace, nations are struggling and suffering with hundreds of lives lost in these issues daily, let us resort to PRAYER, seeking peace through Biblical ways.

Let us join together and pray with tears that we (UESI) as community may be instruments of peace with God as well as with people around us, to impact the Church and Society. Let us also pray for our country as we are nearing our general elections. Let us pray for peaceful conduct of the elections and also that God will grant us a government of God’s choice for the people of this land.

Saji Easo, General Secretary