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The Utter Reliability of the Word of God

In 1994 while I was based in Kanpur I visited HBTI, an Engineering college and there in one of the computer science student’s room, I found a book by the name Computer BIBLE. I asked the student why this book has the word BIBLE in its title.. He said that anything related to computer under heaven would be found in that book and it had the authority in Computer Science. Today when we do a google search on “Computer Bible” it says “Office 2010 Bible”, the new edition is built around the expertise of the extremely successful Bible authors on the individual applications. This Bible takes a ‘Best of the Bible’ approach and combines expert content from Excel 2013 Bible, Access 2013 Bible, Word 2013 Bible, Power Point 2013 Bible. The book presents key topics of each application from each Bible and is woven together by Office expert Lisa Bucki for a seamless, integrated approach to the most popular applications within the Office Suite”.

When the world uses the term “Bible” as a synonym to what is best and complete, pause for a moment, think from where this usage “the Bible” spread to the world? Is it that the world accepts the Bible- the 66 books as the “BIBLE” for the world? And what a great privilege the LORD has given us that the very BIBLE – the 66 books – the eternal word for us to read and study in our own language which we can understand!

The 4th Pledge Point in our Diamond Jubilee Pledge says,

“That we will vouch for the utter reliability of the 66 books of the Bible for the entire period of our future existence, and

  • will sincerely make efforts to study the entire Scripture in order to,
  • capture God’s big picture for humankind,
  • honestly engage the scripture in all walks of our life, so that ,
  • our lives will be transformed and be made part of His Story”

We are in a world of technology and very confidently we trust the voice of the virtual lady in the GPS and any word of caution or instruction from a reliable authority like NASA or Metrological Department. In the same way, do we really trust and obey what the 66 books of the Bible say? Let us recommit to believe in the utter reliability of the scripture. And only if we have a conviction that the history and people of the scripture are real and sure as people like you and me, then we can say that we rely on scripture. Only if we truly believe that history is His story and through the prophecies God has revealed to us even the future of the story then we can say that we rely on the Scripture. And Only if we believe in the storyline of the world as portrayed in the scripture, we can be God’s people as part of His mission today.

As a movement of disciples of Christ, UESI believes that Bible is the word of God and therefore let us

  • Read & study the whole Bible as a student studies all the subjects in his/her course requirements.
  • Delight in engaging the Scriptures in all your walks of life, so that we also may be part of His Story

Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’“ [Deut. 8:3]

Col. 3:16 Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly

  • as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, and
  • as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God. (Worship)

May the LORD help us that the WORD and our WALK may go together so that people around us may know that we are the disciples of our LORD Jesus Christ.

Last month I could attend the UESI Kerala State council meeting at Ernakulam & UESI Publication Trust AGM in Chennai. Good to see some of the young graduates of Kerala taking leadership responsibility & UESI PT coming up with good offer pack for books.

This month from July 11th to July 12th , UESI Board is meeting and from July 13 th to July 15 th, the Annual General Meeting of the movement is scheduled in New Delhi. May I request you to kindly pray that the Lord’s name be glorified through these assemblies of His people. Pray that the Lord will guide us and shepherd us to take His work forward in His ways fully depending on His strength. Considering the ever-increasing student population of India, emerging new educational centres in India, and the changes and challenges in our country, pray intensely that God will guide us in His ways.

In His Mission
Saji Easo
UESI General Secretary