A call to become visionary graduates


According to the estimate by NEGF, around 4% to 5% of the students who pass out as EU students become graduates [EU 2 EGF Transition Research Study by NEGF and OPED (2016)]. Another statistic from FDD Report shows that out of the 1105 students (representative figure) who graduated from UESI, only 33-35% continued in UESI [FDD report at AGM 2018]. These trends are alarming as it can negatively impact the future of UESI and thereby our responsibility in raising the next generation of Christian leaders.

Here comes the relevance of mentoring final year students and CMTC Alumni.

Mentoring a student involves a commitment to have a lifelong relationship. In a fast-paced world of a graduate with innumerable responsibilities at work, church and ministry, investing in graduate-student relationships can be time-consuming. But only such sacrificial steps can build a responsible and equipped generation who can be mature co-workers in the Kingdom of God. A refocus on the self-giving love of Christ among graduates, staff and students can lead to the qualitative and quantitative growth of the ministry. UESI today needs such kind of visionary graduates who will live out open and compassionate lives right in front of students.

It will be a great initiative to give special emphasis on final year students, where they are prepared yearlong to become graduates. Areas like handling campus/workplace relationships, managing time etc. can be addressed through genuine dialogues and role modelling. Likewise, emphasis on follow up of CMTC alumni shall also be done to ensure effective EU-EGF transition. These can be a reality as we trust not in our strength, but in the ‘riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, and .. the surpassing greatness of His power toward us who believe’. Let us return to our roots -core values of fellowship and personal care- so that our nation and campuses will be impacted through transformed students who are disciples of Lord Jesus Christ.

A few suggested activities:

  • Face-2-face conversations over coffee between graduates and students,
  • Praying over phone calls,
  • Providing necessary support in terms of resources/finances/mental/emotional to equip students to take ownership of the ministry and
  • Taking students along to share the Gospel in public places.

 EU – EGF Transition Task Group, NEGF


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