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Himachal Pradesh, known as the Queen of the hills, is famous for its natural beauty and hill stations. Shimla is its capital. The people of Himachal Pradesh are loving, hospitable and honest. It is situated in North West-India bordered by Jammu and Kashmir on the north, Punjab on the west, Haryana on the south-west, Uttarakhand on the south-east and by the Tibet Autonomous Region on the east. ‘Hima’ means snow in Sanskrit, and the literal meaning of the state’s name is ‘in the lap of the Himalayas’.

The beginnings of the ministry in Himachal Pradesh dates back to the 1980’s when Bro. Rajesh Ram (UESI Staff) from Delhi and Bro. Dev Sahayam & family (UESI Staff Family) paid visits to Himachal Pradesh and prayed for the establishment of UESI ministry. Apart from this, the student ministry has been initiated by different people through many prayer walks and visits. Later Bro. Rajesh Ram was based in Palampur since 1992 and ministered for some years. In 1997, Bro. Jacob Varghese and Sister Jessy Jacob were based in Solan and did ministered till 2004. They started meeting for bible study with Rev. Naya and Sister Deborah Naya, Mrs. Charlotte Ken, Mr. Ken, Mr. Lawrence, Mr. Fregy Mathew. At the same time, the Solan Prayer cell was started after some evangelistic efforts (Retreats and camp) done by the staff Bro. Jacob and Sister Jessy Jacob with some students- Rajesh, Nisha, Meera and Shalini etc. In 2004, Bro. Christopher Thomas and Sister Lizzy Christopher with their three children Chrizzy, Chlipher and Catherine were based at Solan. Solan EGF bible study had been initiated by Bro. Christopher Thomas in 2005 with few local people. (Mrs. Charlotte Ken, Mr. Ken, Mr. Lawrence, Mr. Fregy Mathew and Bro. Joseph).

Growth In 2005, the first Evangelistic Camp for local students was con¬ducted at Shimla in which 40 students attended from different places. In 2007, the State EGF Committee was formed and with the hard work of Bro. Christopher Thomas and family they were able to raise some local staff within the state- Bro. Parveen Bharti and Mrs Rama bharti as family, Bro. Pappu K. Vardhan and Sis Ritu joined as coordinators. After the completion of initial coordinatorship training at Solan they all moved to different districts of Himachal Pradesh. The UESI ministry then took root and spread throughout the state. In 2006 Kullu and Hamirpur Cells were stared. There are 21 Bible study groups where students are getting nurtured. In 2011 Solan EU and Nauni EU were affiliated with UESI at Nambur AGM in AP.

Tentmakers who moved to the state are Mr. Philemon & Mrs. Betty working at NIT Hamirpur; Mr. George & family ;Mr. Thomas & family and Mr. James & family at Manali. Now they are staying at Palampur (North region). Later Bro. James & family moved to Haryana.

Hindi Song Book In 2007 Himachal Pradesh EGF produced Hindi Song Book ‘Aao Stuti kare’ (which was very much useful not only for HP-UESI ministry also for many Churches). It became very popular in churches and outside state also. The Quar¬terly newsletter ‘Himalayan Torch’ has been in circulation on a regular basis.

Current Situation The ministry in Himachal Pradesh is developing. We have now 21 student Bible study cells and 2 out of them are affiliated. Student initiative is growing in HP but graduate presence is very less. Out of five regions we have staff presence in four regions. Every month HP publishes a prayer letter to raise prayer support.
Present Staff team Mr. Parveen Bharti & Mrs. Rama Bharti, Aman & Ashana (SSIC-H.P), Mr. Amar Nath, Pooja & Ashraya (family), Mr. Gurbachan (Single), Mr. Rohit (Single).

The present HPEGF Committee members are Mr. Thomas Abraham (Presi.), Mr. Philemon Daniel (Secy), Mr. Hukam Daniel (Treasurer), Members: Mr. Sudhir (Palampur), Mr. Mehar (Gohar) and Mr. Parveen Bharti (ex-officio).

HP State LTC at Shimla

By the grace of God Himachal Pradesh State Leadership Training Camp 2017 was held between 26th -30th June 2017 at Shimla. The theme was “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.” James 4:10.
The tag line was ‘Leaders are not born, but made’. 13 students participated in the camp. 11 students were from different districts of Himachal Pradesh and one from Ambala. The doctrines of Trinity, Holy Spirit, Resurrection, Second Coming helped us to strengthen our faith in Him. It was taken by Bro. Amar (UESI Staff). Handbook sessions were taken by Bro. Rohit and Bro. Gurubachan (Coordinator H.P EGF). It helped us to connect ourselves with UESI’ s

core values and aims. Bro. Christy, Bro. Benson (Shimla Graduates) and Bro. Kuldeep (Solan) gave us practical talks of Excelling in studies, Campus Trends, Personal Evangelism. Sis. Pooja (UESI Staff) taught us PBS, and GBS. It was remarkable that all of us took Bible study after the teaching. The evening devotion was taken by Rev. Deborah Naya on the different aspects of Leadership. It highlighted our theme. It encouraged all of us to commit ourselves to ministry as students and graduates. Many students committed their lives to live a living example in their campus life. Apart from this students managed the time well. We were divided into three group. It helped us to learn from each other. We enjoyed the games according to theme.


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