13 Districts for the Lord !


The Beginning:

Andhra Region, a part of Madras Presidency was formed as a state called Andhra State in 1953. By merging the then Hyderabad State and Andhra State, Andhra Pradesh was formed as a state in 1956. In 2014, Andhra Pradesh was divided into two states namely Telangana State and Andhra Pradesh. “Amaravati” is the new capital of AP. Telugu, known as the “Italian of the East” is the official language. It consists of 13 districts with a Population of around 53.6 million, constituting 86% Hindus, 8% Muslims, 4% Christians and several other ethnic groups.

In 1949, Bro. B.D. John conducted a meeting in Nellore, with Dr. Sterret and Prof. Enoch as speakers. Bro. P. Sathkeerthi Rao was one of the students who attended the meeting. Later, Bro. Sathkeerthi Rao, Sis. V. Benjamin and some other students, members of Madras ICEU, used to pray for Andhra, their native state. Dr. Sarala Elisha who was an E.U. Student of Vellore, Tamilnadu, joined Kuglar Hospital, Guntur, in 1958. She started EU in Guntur with the help of Mrs. Rita Daniel and others.

Bro. Joseph Abhisheka Rao a student of Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada, attended a Leadership Training Camp at Kotagiri in 1966 as an unbeliever and accepted the Lord during the camp. APEGF was formed at Aler in January, 1970. Bro. Joseph Abhiskeka Rao was appointed as the first staff worker of Andhra Pradesh. Based at Warangal, he travelled throughout the state spreading the flame. He was called to glory at an early age. Catching the burden of Bro. Joseph, Bro. C.S. Dutt joined as staff and continued the work.

Student Population : 38,01,860,
Junior Colleges : 3035
Degree Colleges : 1173
PG Colleges : 190
Professional : 3337
Universities : 25
Premier Institutions : 9
Districts :13
EU Cells : 206
EGF Cells :164
Affiliated EUs : 41
Functional EUs : 69
Affiliated EGFs : 55
Functional EGFs : 85
Districts with EU Cells: In all Districts
Districts with EGF Cells: In all Districts

The Growth:

Leadership Training Camps have been conducted since 1977. As the ministry is growing, the state is divided into four regions. UESI-AP was decentralized in June 1984 with P. Augustine as first State Secretary. Two acres of land was bought at Nambur for the purpose of establishing a study centre in 1987. At present, UESI-AP study Centre can accommodate 200 delegates.

In order to spread the ministry to the nook and corners of the state, a four-pronged strategy was adopted: 1. Supplication, 2. Identifying the Premier Educational Institutions, 3. Proper Planning and Evaluation, 4. Finding solutions for setbacks. In an effort to implement the strategy, a map with 70 Premier Educational Institutions as published in 2001 and many prayer walks were conducted, claiming the promise in Joshua 1:3. Strategies like 1:3 and 1:50:5:1 were adopted in order to expand the ministry. Later, since the ministry was expanding rapidly, the state was divided in to 11 regions. A website for UESI-AP namely www.uesiap.in was launched in 2014. “Shepherd Cell” was formed to cater to the needs of Senior Graduates in 2015. UESI-AP was bifurcated into two UESI-AP and UESI-TSin 2015.

With a burning desire to win “13 Districts for the Lord”, a programme called “Stay and Sound the Gospel” was observed during January 14th-16th, 2018 inthe state. During this programme, 506 unreached college centers were visited, staying at those places for three days, many prayer walks were conducted at the unreached college centers. Gospel meetings and EU Sundays were also conducted.

To meet the literary need, “Search the Scripture” was translated and published in Telugu. A song book and a prayer letter in Telugu was first published in 1976. This prayer letters was transformed as “Evangelical Witness” by 1985, later as “Vidyarthi Jwala” in 1990s. Now the magazine in coming in full colour from January 17 with 3600 subscriptions. UESI-AP PT has published and translated nearly 25 books and 11 tracts

In the ministry of UESI-AP, Graduates, Staff and Students worked harmoniously with great dedication and sacrifice.Mission awareness programmes and Missionary conferences are conducted regularly. As a result, many students went to different parts of our country as missionaries, tentmakers and pastors. Presently, 158 tent makers, 28 staff and 12 missionary students are there. 15 boys, 9 girls, 8 men & 4 women graduates, 1 staff family and single staff visited J&K, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and MP for a short missions’ exposure trip. Our partnership states are – Rajasthan, Odisha & Bihar. It is our prime desire and prayer that our students and graduates shouldwork qualitatively in the vineyard of the Lord with the same spirit, vision and commitment.

Significant Milestones:

  1. Second National Conference of UESI was held in Hyderabad in 1958.
  2. UESI Silver Jubilee Celebrations were held in Hyderabad in December 1979.
  3. UESI ministry was decentralized in 1984.
  4. Golden Jubilee of UESI was celebrated at Loyola College in Vijayawada in 2004.
  5. UESI-AP Silver Jubilee Celebrations were held in Eluru in 2011.
  6. Bifurcation of UESI-AP in 2015
  7. “Abba Father” special program for childless couple in 2015
  8. “Stay and Sound the Gospel” Programme in 2018

UESI-AP Presidents:
1. J.S.A. Julius, 2. G.J. Roy, 3. K. Yohan, 4. G. Fredrick Vara Prasad, 5. A.S. Issac, 6. G.J. Roy (Second time), 7. C.H. Moshe Babu, 8. T.B. Franklin, 9. Dr. Y. Dayakar, 10. R. Prabhudas (At Present).

UESI-AP State Secretaries:
1. Dr. P. Augustine, 2. M. Krishnaiah, 3. B.J. Lazarus, 4. K. Edward Williams, 5. K. Sudhakar Rao, 6. B.J. Lazarus (second time), 7. G. Sudhir Kumar, 8. P. Prem Kumar (At Present).

Prem Kumar, UESI AP State Secretary


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